Guess Who’s Upset with Our Growing Debt?

More than 80 CEO’s Call for “Deficit Action” with their endorsement of the “Fix the Debt” campaign. They have joined together to pressure Congress to reduce the federal deficit with tax-revenue increases as well as spending cuts, so they say.  This non-partisan group, partnering with the … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Demonstrates the Class Warfare on the Working Class

Recently on the Matt Lauer Show, Mitt said people talk about inequality because “they’re envious”: “You know, I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare”. What kind of class warfare are we waging on the poor (rich) man? He … Continue reading

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We the People Can Beat the Power of Money OCCUPY CONGRESS

It’s time to end the financial affair between Congress,  K Street and Wall Street. Right now we have an opportunity to add our voices to the chorus exercising our 1st Amendment right to petition our government to address what’s not … Continue reading

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